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3 Reasons You Should Retire in Las Cruces

Retirement is the time of life when you get to enjoy the rewards of your years of hard work. You’ve put in the effort, and now it’s time to relax and live out your golden years by taking care of yourself. Choosing a place to retire is an important decision, and retiring in Las Cruces is a great choice.

Located in southern New Mexico, Las Cruces combines the best of small town living with the benefits of urban life.

You’ll find local coffee shops, the largest farmers market in the Southwest, and also a thriving arts scene. New Mexico State University keeps the town young and growing while the nearby village of Mesilla anchors the area in history and culture.

Here are three reasons why Las Cruces is a top spot for retirees all across America:

Perfect weather

Retirees from cold, snowy places are often drawn to Las Cruces because of the abundant beautiful weather we enjoy. You’ll love watching magnificent sunsets out on your patio, exploring downtown shops on a warm day, and golfing under a cloudless sky.

Las Cruces has on average about 294 sunny days a year and rarely receives more than 10 inches of rain a year. This is great news for nature lovers, golfers, and those just looking to escape the cold.

When you do find yourself with a craving for snowy weather, the mountain villages of Cloudcroft and Ruidoso are both less than 2 hours away.

A nature-lover’s oasis

If you’re planning to spend as much time as possible on the golf course during your retirement, Las Cruces has three fantastic options for you.

Red Hawk Golf Club offers players breathtaking views of the Organ Mountains and its natural desert landscape and has been voted Best in State. Sonoma Ranch Golf Course is an award-winning golf course that also features a restaurant. The New Mexico State University Golf Course is located near the NMSU campus and offers different rates depending on the time of day you play.

For nature lovers, Las Cruces offers magnificent trails and parks where you can hike, bike, and birdwatch.

Low cost of living

Your hard-earned savings will go further in Las Cruces, which makes it easier to live the lifestyle you want. When you retire in Las Cruces, you can still enjoy restaurants, art, cultural events, and outdoor activities while staying financially secure.

The average home in Las Cruces costs less than the average home in the rest of New Mexico, and the cost of living is 9.9% lower than the national average.

Whether you are looking to downsize for your retirement years or want the best that luxury living has to offer, our associate brokers and staff are dedicated to helping you find a home you love. There is something for everyone in Las Cruces, with a selection of size, style, and pricing for every budget.

We want to help you make your retirement transition to Las Cruces as smooth as possible. Contact us today to find out what a Better Homes and Garden Real Estate – Steinborn & Associates realtor can do for you, or check out our robust online property listings today.

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