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A Day in the Life of a REALTOR™

The most basic duties in a day in the life of a realtor are (no surprises here) helping people buy and sell property.

Unfortunately, some realtors don’t take the time to flesh out exactly what “helping” their clients ought to look like. They provide a basic level of service but move on without building a connection with the client.

But at Better Homes and Garden Real Estate – Steinborn & Associates, our REALTORS™ aren’t just closing transactions. They’re passionate about supporting people as they journey through the pain or pleasure that is driving them to pursue a new locale.

Our REALTORS™’ day starts with our mission and values in mind

Our REALTORS™’ day starts with our mission and values in mind - Steinborn AssociatesToday we’ll follow a Steinborn REALTOR™ as she serves her clients from morning to night. As a team, and as individuals, our mission is to exceed expectations and create value in our community every day.

With this mission in mind, our REALTOR™ starts each day with intention — we call it an “on-purpose” attitude. Having a morning routine that allows a busy REALTOR™ time for reflection and focus sets the tone for extra-mile service and (a positive mindset). Speaking of that, a positive mindset is one of our core values.

Steinborn & Associates’ Core Values

  • Do the Right Thing
  • Be Responsive
  • Be Innovative
  • Be Kind
  • Have a Positive Mindset

A day in the life of a REALTOR™ isn’t just about real estate

As we follow our REALTOR™ through the workday, her choices reflect the fact that she wants every person who trusts her to help buy or sell a home to feel like they’re her only client. That means one of her important daily duties is listening to each client and respectfully gauging their understanding of the buying/selling process. A professional REALTOR™ educates each client and makes sure to answer questions and help them understand the current market.

As the REALTOR’s™ morning progresses, she may send a birthday greeting to a former client, answer a first-time buyer’s email in record time, or head to a seller’s home to join a professional photographer who will take photos that will catch house-hunters’ eyes.

And the day doesn’t stop there. If a client needs assistance from out of town, the REALTOR™ might arrange services with a trusted lawn service to keep the property looking sharp for prospective buyers. Or the REALTOR™ might stumble on a box that was accidentally left behind after a successful sale. No problem — a sale isn’t the end of the relationship with that client, and she will cheerfully make sure it ends up back in the seller’s care.

Working with a Steinborn REALTOR™ makes all the difference

As we wrap up a busy day in the life of a Steinborn & Associates REALTOR™, we find her sitting with two ecstatic first-time home buyers. They’re buzzing with excitement as they sign their final closing forms. Our REALTOR™ explains each form and answers their questions — though she’ll be standing by to answer any concerns that pop up long after the last box is unpacked.

It’s easy to see why our brokers receive so many great referrals and returning clients. It’s rare in life to work with professionals who go out of their way to make a stressful experience pleasant for you, and that’s exactly what our team does.

Working with a Steinborn REALTOR™ makes all the difference - Steinborn & AssociatesFrom morning to night, and with each interaction, Steinborn’s REALTORS™ serve each client “on-purpose.” We build relationships with our buyers and sellers that span years, with many of them returning again and again because our service standards simply can’t be beat.

Are you planning to buy or sell a home in Las Cruces or the surrounding area? Our incredible REALTORS™ can make the process stress-free for you. We have the most extensive online listings in the area, and each of our associate brokers is highly skilled and ready to help.

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