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How to Sell Your Home During the Holidays Like a Pro

Whether it’s due to a job change or simply a life change, selling a home during the holidays can be unavoidable for some.

While there may be better times during the year to sell, it’s certainly not impossible to sell during the holidays. In fact, there may be some advantages to selling in this season that you haven’t considered. By using these tips, you can successfully sell your home during the holiday season.

Decorate sensibly

Indoor holiday decorations have the potential to help your home look better, but they can also detract from your home’s natural charm.

When a prospective buyer sees your home, you want them to be able to imagine themselves living in it. Some well-placed decor can really help with this, but if you go overboard, all the buyer will be able to see is the holiday cheer. Don’t let your home get lost under a sea of decor.

Consider using only your best decorations and remember that less is more. When it’s time for a home viewing, consider putting away presents, personalized decor, and bright, flashy pieces. Make sure selling features like fireplaces and windows aren’t buried under decor.

Invest in curb appeal

Bare trees and dead grass isn’t the best look on any house, but it may be all you have to work with during the holidays. Even without the summer glow, you can still make your house look nice.

Make sure your bushes are trimmed, the grass is cut, and any fallen branches are removed from your yard. Clear out any leaves that are still piled up.

Since there won’t be any foliage to cover up your home, make sure that the exterior of your home is well-kept. Paint your trim, wash your walls, and make sure your gutters are cleaned out to present your home looking its best.

Holiday decor for selling a homeDeck the halls, but not with clutter

When it comes to outside Christmas decor, keep with a minimalist theme. A simple string of lights and a cheery wreath are all you need to make a good impression. Stay away from cartoon characters, flashing lights, and inflatable decorations. These tend to draw the attention away from your home and make your yard look cluttered.

If snowy weather is in your forecast, make sure that your sidewalks and driveway are shoveled on the days you show your house.

Focus on serious buyers

One of the best things about selling your home during the holidays is that people who buy homes around this time are usually very motivated. After all, no one likes to be without reliable housing during the holiday season. This could work to your advantage by being able to sell your house for your selling price or very close to it.

And some buyers use year-end bonuses for purchasing a home.

Many year-end buyers have a deadline they are working with, so be sure to communicate with buyers in a timely manner if you want your home to sell fast.

Work with the right REALTOR

For sale sign during the holidaysThe right REALTOR will make all of the difference when it comes to selling your home during the holidays. It’s important to work with a REALTOR who has a great reputation, lots of selling experience, and access to a large pool of potential buyers.

In order to not get caught in a time crunch while selling, make sure to check what days your real estate company is closed and what vacation days your REALTOR might be taking.

Discover the Steinborn difference

At Better Homes and Garden Real Estate – Steinborn & Associates, our REALTORS are committed to helping you sell your house as quickly and easily as possible. No matter what time of the year it is, our REALTORS work tirelessly to make sure that you understand the home selling process.

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