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How to Stage Your Home

Selling a house is definitely a process, and preparing your house for potential buyers to view it is an important part of the process. Staging your home is a step that can help your house sell faster for the best price and is something that anyone can do. By using just a few easy tips, you can stage your home like a pro.

What is staging?

Staging a home is more than simply tidying up. When a seller stages their home, they place furniture and accessories in a way that shows the home in the best light. When a potential buyer comes to view a home or looks at listing photos online, it’s important that they can picture themselves living in it.

A well-staged home gets rid of distractions, draws the potential buyer’s eyes to the most important features of the home, and helps the buyer imagine what it would be like if they lived there.

There are services you can hire to stage your home for you, but if you want to try staging your own home, here are a few tips.

Clean up

This is the time for a full-house deep cleaning! No one’s dream home has dried food on the counters and smudgy windows, so make the effort to insure your house is extra clean.

Clean your floors and countertops until they are sparkling. Spend some extra time in rooms that tend to get dirty fast, like the kitchen and bathrooms, and check less-used rooms for dust bunnies and lingering odors. If you don’t have time to clean your home, hiring a cleaning service is a good option.


Nothing distracts a potential buyer like clutter does. Even if you have a beautiful home with great bones, having piles of clothes, papers, and random objects lying around will draw the buyer’s attention away from the room itself.

Moving is a perfect time to purge and downsize. For everything else, utilize drawers and boxes to hide your clutter. Clear off flat surfaces like counters and tabletops and make generic cipro us sure that anything left out has an obvious purpose for that room.

Be careful about stuffing things into closets, since many potential buyers like to see what kind of storage space your house has.

Group furniture

Houses tend to sell better when furniture is placed in groupings rather than pushed to the walls. This is especially important if you have an open-concept home. Create defined living and dining spaces by placing furniture in groups together.

Do you have a room that currently serves as a storage space or doesn’t really have a defined purpose? Take out unnecessary furniture and boxes, and give the room a reason for being there. Try putting a desk in there to make an office, or put in an extra bed and dresser to make a guest room.

Finishing touches

To make a good impression on potential buyers, try going the extra mile to make your home inviting.

Here are a few things you can do before a showing to stand out:

  • Grab a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store and place them in a vase for your dining table
  • Take out the trash and light a candle that doesn’t have an overwhelming scent
  • Place a potted plant by the front door and get a fresh new welcome mat, and sweep up dirt and dust
  • Make sure your house is at a comfortable temperature

Sell with confidence

Staging a home is just one of the ways that you can get ahead of the game when it comes to selling a home. At Steinborn, our expert associate brokers are here to help you every step of the way. With over 40 years of experience, our team is ready to make selling an easy and pain-free process for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you sell your home with confidence.

Looking to buy a home? Check out our extensive online listings or contact us for more information about finding your dream home.

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