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Invest in the Future With These Children’s Charities in Las Cruces

Every community has needs, but one thing that makes our community shine is the breadth and thoughtfulness of the charities in Las Cruces that serve children and families.

Here’s a look at some great places to invest your time or resources.

Jardin de Los Niños

Spanish for “The Children’s Garden,” this wonderful organization strives to create new possibilities for homeless and near-homeless children and their families through child care, therapies, education, and the thoughtful use of community resources. Jardin de Los Niños serves children from infancy through 10 years of age.

This organization is unique, filling a real need as one of only five original programs of its kind in the country. Jardin de Los Niños is always happy to plug in volunteers and to put your donations or sponsorships to work serving the youth of Las Cruces.

La Casa, Inc.

Families — most often women and children — can turn to La Casa, Inc. for advocacy, education, and support when they leave an abusive domestic situation. La Casa provides emergency shelter and counseling, a 24-hour crisis hotline, and ongoing counseling related to domestic violence, substance use, and mental health.

As families began afresh after leaving an abusive situation, La Casa, Inc. provides transitional rental assistance and support programs, as well as civil legal services and educational opportunities. They also have a rehabilitation program for people with an abusive history to get the tools they need to change their behaviors.

La Casa, Inc. welcomes volunteers in many capacities, as well as donations toward their services for families.

Last Cruces Coats for Kids

women accepting donations in Las Cruces - Steinborn AssociatesThe mild winters in Las Cruces are a major draw for people moving here from colder climates. But for families who are unable to afford winter coats, the change of seasons can still be a crisis. Las Cruces Coats for Kids is determined to keep children warm, providing 50,000 coats and jackets for Doña Ana kids since 1995.

Las Cruces Coats for Kids has coat drop-off locations all over town, but they also welcome corporate sponsorships and online donations through their website.

New Mexico Friends of Foster Children

Life as a foster child is challenging. Foster children are often acutely aware of how very different their experience is from that of their peers. New Mexico Friends of Foster Children is committed to “helping foster kids be kids” by paying for their sports or camp fees, buying them bikes or instruments for the band, paying for tutoring, or helping them go on a school trip.

They also provide a wonderful annual scholarship for young people who have spent six months or more in the child welfare system in New Mexico. This Las Cruces charity welcomes donations and volunteers throughout the year.

Project Linus

Do you remember the Peanuts character Linus, who always felt better with his trusty blue blanket in tow? Project Linus believes hard times are easier to get through with a good blanket. This nonprofit organization provides homemade blankets to children in need. Each of their blankets is lovingly made by volunteers and can be knit, crocheted, felt, or another style.
Project Linus accepts blanket donations, volunteered time, and materials, as well as financial donations.

Thank you, Las Cruces, for investing in our community’s children

happy childrens faces - charities in Las Cruces Steinborn AssociatesGood deeds and neighborly love abound in Las Cruces. At Better Homes and Garden Real Estate – Steinborn & Associates, we’re just as passionate as you are about investing in the future by supporting children’s charities in Las Cruces.

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