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Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we could all use a little extra love! Whether you’re celebrating with friends, a partner, or family, make sure you show your loved ones you care. Below are ideas for virtual activities, recipes, fun crafts, clever gift ideas, and heartwarming décor inspiration.

Valentine’s Day Crafts and Décor

Box up your Valentines cards and treats in these adorable card boxes. They are the perfect thing to make with your kiddos.

Craft beautiful yarn wrapped hearts. Take a piece of cardboard and cut out a few small hearts. Pick your favorite yarn color and hold one end of the yarn to the center of the heart and simply start wrapping the yarn around until all of the cardboard is covered. Use a glue gun to attach the other end so it doesn’t unravel.

Share the love! Everyone could use an extra dose of joy right now. Create these easy to make cards to send to your friends with a note reminding them how much you love them.

Don’t underestimate the power of flowers. Learn how to expertly arrange a gorgeous bouquet of roses for you, a friend or loved one to enjoy. Everyone should stop and smell the roses once in a while.

Plant some love around your home with these incredible heart-shape houseplants.

Create a string curtain you will adore using nothing but paper hearts, glue, and string. Cut out tons of tiny hearts using your favorite colored paper. Cut several pieces of string between 3-5 feet long and glue the hearts down the pieces of string using a glue gun. Using paint safe tape, attach the top of all the strings to a doorframe a few inches apart.

My funny valentine, sweet comic valentine – make funny mini cards for your family and tape them around your home.

  • Line: Don’t go bacon my heart. / Image: Draw or print cute little pieces of bacon with hearts around it.
  • Line: We are mint to be. / Image: Tape mini mints to a paper heart.
  • Line: You’re my main squeeze. / Image: Tape a heart with the line onto your OJ or juice in the fridge for your loved one to find.
  • Line: You have always been my butter half. / Image: Tape a paper heart with line onto the butter container.
  • Line: I woof you. / Image: Draw a cute dog underneath the line or take your dog’s paw dip it in paint or ink and print their paw onto a piece of paper.
  • Line: You are a dino-mite kid. / Image: A super awesome dinosaur.

Valentine’s Day Activities and Games

Check out a ton of fun Valentine’s Day activities for kids, like making your very own at home skee-ball game.

It’s game time! Uncover tons of games for kids that will leave your heart full and your family smiling.

Cheers to virtual wine tasting with your friends. Send a list out a few days in advance so everyone can pick up whatever wine and sweet snacks they need beforehand.

Have a romantic night in! You’ll fall in love with these at-home date ideas.

Discover several things to do with mom this Valentine’s Day, like making a memory book or planning a virtual cooking date.

Laugh it up with these silly Valentine’s Day jokes for kids!

Valentine’s Recipes

Don’t go bacon my heart. Make your partner breakfast in bed! Flip a few heart-shaped pancakes onto a plate and use mini chocolate chips to spell out XO on top. You can also use jam in a piping bag to write out LOVE or XOXO on the pancakes. You can also get toasty by cutting a heart shape out of the middle of a piece of bread. While the toast is lying the frying pan, crack an egg into the heart.

Discover some of the best Valentine’s Day recipes of all time. 

No reservations, no loud restaurant… just you and your partner and these romantic dinner ideas.

Say goodbye to boxes of mediocre chocolates and stir it up with these mouthwatering dessert recipes.

Let’s make the cookies crumble with these beautiful heart cookies.

Did someone say chocolate-covered strawberries? This layered brownie heart is a decadent dessert your soul will delight in.   

Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

Order a photo cube that your loved one can cherish and glance at throughout the day. You can even make your own. Cut and glue your favorite photos onto each side of a tissue box. Each side can highlight a special memory.

Make the perfect gift for your partner with these easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Cut out paper hearts and write cute rhymes and things you love about your kid, partner, or loved ones on each heart. Use tape to stick them around your home so whoever you’re celebrating with can smile all day as they find new notes. It can be the start of a beautiful family tradition. Here are a few rhymes to help get you started:

  • I love spending time with you, I’m so lucky you’re my boo.
  • You always make me smile, every moment with you is worthwhile.
  • You’re the best kid in the entire planet, I love you so much I just can’t stand it.
  • I love you all the way to the moon, whenever I see you, I swoon.

Make a gift basket containing several things your loved one enjoys. You can include their favorite candy, a sweet card, your favorite photo of the both of you, and something that will remind them of a cute inside joke or memory you shared together.

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