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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Smart Home Enthusiast

Smart home systems make it easy to automate your life and control the technology in your home. They can provide you with an added sense of security and well-being, help reduce energy usage, and just be plain fun. As a bonus, some of these systems can add value to your home, giving you an advantage when it comes time to sell.

Smart home systems make the perfect gift for your tech-savvy friends or family. Even if they already have the system, there are loads of accessories and add-ons that you can get them to help make their lives a little bit easier.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite smart home systems, just in time for Christmas.


The Ring system takes a new twist on home security. Ring started as a smart doorbell and has expanded to include smart lights and an alarm system.

As a smart doorbell, Ring has a camera that displays your front door feed straight to your phone and allows you to talk to whoever’s there. Since it’s all on your phone, you can monitor your home from wherever you are.

Ring gives you peace of mind by showing you exactly who is at your door, which is perfect for stay-at-home parents, elderly individuals, those who travel, or anyone who wants a little extra security.

Smart home enthusiast using iPad - Steinborn & AssociatesSavant System

Savant may look like a normal TV remote, but it’s the ultimate tool for controlling entertainment and creating atmospheres in your home. Savant has an intelligent screen that lets you create profiles for everyone in your family. It’s sleek design and modern look make it the perfect accessory for any tech enthusiast.

You can save your favorite channels and shows as well as control lights, whole-home audio, and shades all from the remote. You can even add on features that control your pool lights!

Google Home Assistant

If you’re looking for the ultimate smart home gift, look no further than Google Home Assistant. This comprehensive system works with a bevy of other smart devices and is the perfect hub for your smart home. No matter what your lifestyle is, Google Home Assistant has something that everyone can use.

The Google Nest Mini is a great starter item that allows you to control music and other smart devices using just your voice.

The Google Nest Hub Max can do even more, allowing you to make audio and video calls, send messages, and monitor your security system.

Google recently integrated with Nest, so now all of it’s features can be controlled with your Home Assistant. This means that you can control your thermostat, lights, security system, entertainment system, and whole-house audio all from your phone. Is there anything that Google Home Assistant can’t do?


Woman using smart home controls - Steinborn & Associates

Thermostats have been basically the same for years, but Nest is reimagining thermostats for a new generation. Nest learns your habits and automatically creates a thermostat schedule that fits your preferences. Nest can also tell when you’ve left your home and change the temperature accordingly.

In addition to the normal home energy savings that come with using a thermostat, Nest gives homeowners recommendations about how to adjust heating and cooling habits for maximum savings.

Nest has some handy additional features like a clock and weather display. It will even send you a notification if it senses that you have a problem with your furnace or air conditioner. Best of all, Nest can be controlled right from your phone, which means that you’ll never have to come home to a chilly house.


Take the guesswork out of yard work with Rachio. This smart sprinkler system can divide your yard into zones where you can control the settings for each one.

You can also provide the plant type and typical sun exposure to Rachio and it will automatically create a schedule for you. That’s right, Rachio knows how just how much to water your plants, which makes this a perfect gift for those without a green thumb.

Rachio will also change your sprinkler schedule based on the weather, saving you from watering your plants on a rainy day. All of these features can be controlled on your phone, so it is handy for frequent travelers.

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