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Top 9 Garage Decluttering Tips

Watching a feel-good Netflix series like Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” can inspire anyone toward a gung-ho spring cleaning. But when it comes to cleaning out the garage … well, many of us take one look, close the door, and return to the couch for another episode.

Garage cleanout is one of the most daunting domestic duties. But we’ve put together our top nine garage decluttering tips to help you conquer your fears and find your spark of joy — even in the garage.

Garage decluttering tip #1: Empty your garage

Boy! No one said it would be an easy start, but what better way to ensure you’ll get the job done than to set aside a day and take a “no turning back” approach to organizing your garage?

Garage decluttering tip #2: Start with one item

Don’t let the mountains of clutter stop you in your tracks. You can move that mountain one stone at a time! Start by choosing one item or category and let yourself focus on that task alone.

Garage decluttering tip #3: Pitch the papers

bundles of receipts declutter - Steinborn & AssociatesOne of Marie Kondo’s best pieces of advice? Don’t keep pieces of paper! If your bills, receipts, messages, etc. can be accessed online or scanned into a digital format, get rid of the redundant physical copies. Speaking of trashy decluttering tips …

Garage decluttering tip #4: Take out the trash

It’s all too easy to stuff unusable, un-donatable junk (read: “trash”) in the garage when you don’t feel ready to part with it. Set up a lidless trash receptacle in a central spot as you tackle your mountain. Why lidless? Because even little additional steps like opening a lid can slow your momentum.

Garage decluttering tip #5: Reach for the sky

Vertical storage is an aesthetically pleasing, practical way to save space. Invest in some shelving, or clear off the shelves you already have early on in your endeavor. Wall-mounted shelving can keep your floors clear and utilize otherwise wasted space near the ceiling.

Garage decluttering tip #6: Use storage bins you already have

No need to spring for a whole new set of matching bins. Feel free to use boxes and containers you already have. You’ll minimize waste and save some money.

Garage decluttering tip #7: Invite the kids to help

It’s a great idea to include the whole family in the organization and cleaning process. On the other hand, some parents prefer not to let children see what they’re disposing of or donating. If you do involve them but the decluttering process becomes too much for small sentimentalists, allowing each child to take charge of filling their own donation bag might be your go-to strategy.

Garage decluttering tip #8: Get a vision

If you feel funny about parting with an item, try to envision yourself using it in the future. Does it seem pleasant? Does it seem like a real and likely possibility? Then find a place for the item. But if you know deep down that it’s just taking up space, rehome it.

Garage decluttering tip #9: Don’t store clothes in the garage

It’s possible (and more convenient) to keep a full year of seasonal clothing in your closet. Though we’re venturing outside of the garage with this tip, Kondo’s closet cleanout principles can ultimately save you garage space, too. She recommends cutting out everything you don’t feel joyful wearing and thinking about. Then she suggests organizing your clothing by material rather than season, and keeping it together.

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