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What’s Cooking in the Kitchen in 2019?

Kitchen design trends to look forward to in the new year.

Every year around this time, the design gurus get a little excited about what is coming up for the next year in kitchen design. After all, it is their job to foretell the future by knowing what trends are on the rise among home remodelers and what fads are fading into the past so that they can keep their customers’ homes looking fresh and updated.

While not all of the lists and experts will agree on everything, there seem to be a few features that are making a bold appearance. These might just be the kitchen design trends to watch in 2019:

Two-tone kitchen cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are not necessarily a new idea; however, they were often seen as an eclectic or high-end design choice. In 2019, expect to see the two-tone look in more design plans and enjoying a wider appeal. This trend will include wood paired with painted cabinets or two different paint colors paired together to create a dramatic contrast.

Non-neutral paint colors

Along with the two-tone trend, designers are seeing a lot of kitchen cabinets painted in non-neutral hues such as dramatic dark blues and greens. While the classic white kitchen will never go away completely, some customers are definitely looking to make a bold statement with color, and not just on the walls.

Painting the cabinets a darker color gives a refined, modern look but also infuses the space with warmth and homeyness. Designers are seeing a lot of choices in blue and green paints from deep navy to more cheerful bright blues and from hunter green to shades of olive. If you decide to make a foray into the world of colorful cabinets, the experts recommend hiring a professional to make sure that the surfaces are properly prepared and painted so they will look beautiful for the long term.

Natural materials and contrasting textures

You might have heard the term “shiplap” bandied around in recent years. Expect to see more materials like this incorporated into all types of designs. Natural stone, jute, painted shiplap and beadboard, and unique wood finishes like “pecky cypress” harken back to a more rustic kitchen of the past.

Natural stone, jute, painted shiplap and beadboard, and unique finishes kitchen design trend 2019 - Steinborn & Associates

By using these natural materials alongside more sleek and modern textures such as highly polished metals or quartz countertops, kitchen designers are creating new and interesting palates that incorporate both urban and rustic design features.

Get creative with kitchen appliances

The newest trend in appliances is color and style. Some customers are opting for the new black stainless products that are easier to clean than their predecessors. Other customers are really getting bold with unique colors and high-end statement appliances such as these Ilve ranges that come in a variety of colors and are sure to be the centerpiece of the kitchen.

In addition to color, look for customizable features such as refrigerator/freezer columns that can be purchased separately to cater to the needs and cooking habits of the household. Need lots of fresh ingredients on hand? Choose a larger fridge column, paired with a small freezer.

Black is definitely back

Black is the new grey in kitchen design trends for 2019, and matte black, in particular, is making a big showing in paint, cabinets, and appliances. Paired with warm woods and bright metals, this is not the boring black of the 80s. This black is both sophisticated and rich when combined with the right design elements.

The kitchen is still the heart of the home

No matter whether you follow the trends or stick with the tried and true, your kitchen is always the center of activity, so choose a design and materials that make you and your family feel at home.

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